Volcanic rock, obsidian is a stone with quite powerful properties. Stone of protection against negative energies, it is a real shield.

  • Golden Obsidian

    Suitable for questioning the future and researching oneself and one's past lives. Positive, it helps to eliminate deep-rooted pessimism and overcome the wounds of the past. It accelerates the healing of wounds, cuts, slams, sprains and bruises.

  • Snowflake Obsidian

    Volcanic rock, snowflake obsidian helps meditation, spontaneity and releases from anger. Eliminates fears, sadness and loneliness. Effective against heavy legs. It also strengthens bones and reduces cancers and ulcers risks.

  • Celestial Eye Obsidian

    Volcanic rock, the celestial eye obsidian is an excellent protective stone. It provides positive vibrations, protects against stress and leads to introspection. Very useful for making decisions.

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